Tehnisku iemeslu dēļ norēķini ar maksajumu kartēm nav pieejami! Citu maksājumu opciju un neskaidrību gadijumā sazinieties ar mums!

YO ZEN jewelery

This all started from the fusion of the Finnish national bird and the paper folding art from Japan - the first form, origami swan, was born. Phonetically YO ZEN (joutsen) sounds like the Finnish word for swan, joutsen. YO represents the street culture and ZEN the calmness and effortlessness of our products.

Scandinavian design, reduced color scheme and stories are the cornerstones of the design. Our jewelry is manufactured ethically in Finland. Each jewelry is carefully hand-assembled and packed in a beautiful jewelry box.

What would you wear? A splashy two-piece necklace, a slender mini pendant, or perhaps light but fierce earrings? In our range you will find suitable jewelry for every occasion and for every feeling. Choose from colorful or discreet black-and-white or even different types of wood: nut and birch laser-cut jewelry to suit your taste. Our two-piece bigger pendants and our mini pendants as well as our earrings make perfect gifts as they are sold in a beautiful jewelry box.